We print PVC cards in the following segments

  • Students ID Cards
  • Employees ID Badges
  • Smart Wedding Cards
  • Access control badges
  • Loyalty cards
  • Employee id badges
  • Visitor’s passes

RFID technology is quickly becoming a popular choice since the advancement in technology makes a variety of solutions available to any organization. RFID is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different RFID applications, each with its distinct requirements, and new applications emerge quickly. RFID Technology combines vision, applications expertise, a flexible set of products and services, and adherence to interoperability and regulatory standards to address the manifold needs of today's RFID customers. We offer following RFID Solutions to fulfill your needs

  • RFID for Access Control
  • RFID for Asset Tracking
  • RFID and Bar Code
  • RFID for Building Management
  • RFID for Construction
  • RFID for Data Centers
  • RFID for Event Management
  • RFID for Field Service
  • RFID for Fleet Maintenance
  • RFID for Healthcare
  • RFID for Industrial Laundry
  • RFID for Industrial Painting
  • RFID for Livestock
  • RFID for Oil & Gas Industry
  • RFID for Parking Control
  • RFID for People Tracking
  • RFID for Railway
  • RFID for Retail
  • RFID for Returnable Transit Items
  • RFID for Utilities
  • RFID for Waste Management
  • RFID for Marinas


No one understands this better than Canotech. We are leading enterprise in the local market for document management and business process. Our expertise and services enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively, whatever the situation. Document, Scanning, Copying and Printing services have been a hallmark of Canotech® dating back to 2000. We provide comprehensive support for digital Printing/copying/scanning and conversion of records including preparation, scanning, indexing and formatting. Digital scanning and document imaging involves a complex combination of skills: speed and manual dexterity, meticulous attention to detail, cleanliness and document controls. We have focused our resources for onsite document management and conversion services, with an average of six to ten concurrent projects underway. Most of our large jobs are conducted onsite at customers' facilities. We have a separate department dedicated to onsite Printing/copying/scanning projects, an important focus of our firm. On average 5-8 projects are generally underway throughout the Pakistan

(Copying Service's on Rental)

Handover your copying worries to us as we are solution providers. Canotech (Pvt.) Ltd is the most experienced Rental services provider of Digital copying & printing for the last 10-years. Photo copiers with full system are installed according to work load and prompt after sales services are ensured by a Team of qualified engineers who give the users unparallel satisfaction according the needs



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